Who is TNX?

Founded in January 2016, TNX started in New Zealand before expanding in 2018. The world's most demanding procurement teams now run TNX on five continents. Built from the ground up around remote work as an enabler for hiring elite talent, we have an incredible diversity of experience packed with logistics experts, data-scientists, and engineers.

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Jonah McIntire
Gracia López Ferri
Consulting Manager
Gavin Young
Solution Consultant
Chad Greene
Solution Consultant
Inés Pérez del Molino
Solution Consultant
Thiago Diniz dos Santos
Solution Consultant
Eric Johnson
Sales Lead
Alex Buzby
Bernardo Buttler
Jason Miller
Head of Engineering
Adrian Schmidt
Product Owner
Alex Schremmer
Lead Software Engineer
Tom Thresher
Senior Software Engineer
Steffen Ziegert
Senior Data Scientist
Ian Philipp
Data Scientist
Kutralingam Kandasamy
Data Scientist
André Miranda
Software Engineer
Patrick Melville
Software Engineer
Stephan Telling
DevOps Engineer
Andreas Traber
Software Engineer
Natalia Vetter
Software Engineer
Anas Aamoum
Software Engineer
Alessia De Santis
Customer Care

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