New Zealand Example: Coda Group

Coda Group is a leading New Zealand logistics provider that competes through a mix of differentiated asset-based solutions as well as non-asset based managed services. They are particularly dominant in import & export flows, which is central to their purpose of keeping New Zealand competitive on the global stage. Their capabilities span intermodal, coastal shipping and large scale trucking through private and subcontracted vehicles. Coda Group’s promise is “smarter logistics, together” and TNX plays a role in making that happen.


Improve profitability across Coda’s trucking activities - including private fleet, contracted for-hire, and spot procurement. That needed to cover existing carriers and to open the door for many more new carriers without adding back office headcount.


TNX transport optimisation solutions were rolled out across Coda’s floating private fleet as well as the very large for-hire segment, using smart tendering for both contracted and spot-rate pricing. Dock-door scheduling was employed for high-volume customer and hub sites. TNX central clearing is also used to streamline back office order to payment processing, while rolling out to all carriers in less than one year.


The results exceeded expectations in terms of vehicle utilisation, lower direct spend, and easier working conditions for staff and carriers. Coda Group now has sustainably better margins and a better ability to manage and grow their carrier base. As an early adopter of the TNX platform, Coda Group also attracts the highest quality carriers and customers.

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