South America

A leading logistics company in Colombia chose TNX as part of its technology expansion. This meant a paradigm shift away from dispatchers who had personal relationships and communications with carriers over to a software that managed how the approved carriers were leveraged.


South American trucking is highly fragmented, even by worldwide standards. The average carriers is truly an owner-driver. The customer had thousands of carriers, high carrier churn, and a tendency to communicate over personal channels such as the WhatsApp of dispatcher's own mobile phones. This allowed for no scalability or consistency in the way carriers were targeted, negotiated with, or assigned work.


TNX smart tendering was setup as the platform from which carriers could self-select their work. Offers were tailored to their profiles and the market conditions, something that can't be done at scale if managed manually. The rollout was at a pace of hundreds of carriers a week, with no significant issues switching from pure manual to self-service via a web portal Virtually all carriers engaged with the site via mobile devices, at times on older mobile phones and slow internet connections.


Smooth onboarding, nearly 100% success rate to automatically find a carrier, and consistent savings. The rollout proved the importance and potential of autonomous procurement in the region.

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We mix spot market data science with behavioural science into a unique software for your market advantage.

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