GDPR Policy

Last Updated July 17, 2020

What personally identifiable data we record

For each user able to access our production environment, we record:

  • Full name
  • Work email and phone number
  • IP address for users while accessing TNX

We also retain emails sent to our company. Those emails sometimes have the sender’s full name, contact phone number, and personal email address.

Why we record personally identifiable data

TNX has legitimate interests in storing and using personally identifiable data. These include:

  • Minimising financial and operational risk, including risk of fraud or theft, for the cargo owner and carrier
  • Providing effective customer support by searching and viewing transactions per user
  • Helping the cargo owner or carrier contact the right counterparty after a match

Where we store personal data

Our staff and servers are located in the EU but also in New Zealand and the USA. This means personal data will be stored in the USA and can be subject to USA surveillance acts which are not allowed in the EU. Only if you accept this risk should you create and maintain an account with TNX.

How long we store personally identifiable data

  • IP addresses are discarded 18 months after they occur
  • Name, phone, and email details are discarded 18 months after you close your TNX user account

Who we share personally identifiable data with

This data is shared with Amazon Web Services, Slack, Auth0, and HotJar. IP addresses related to bugs may be recorded in Atlassian or VictorOps. All six of these companies act as data processors for TNX.

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