Carrier FAQs


We see the following nine questions frequently from carriers.

I haven't seen an invite or know how to sign-up

When your account was setup we sent emails inviting your users. Check spam filters for emails from address You can also just go to the portal and click the "sign-up" option, using your email and setting a password of your choice. If we were expecting your email address, you get in to your account immediately. If not, we will add it and confirm to you within two hours.

I receive no notifications of new offers

Only people with user accounts and notifications enabled receive emails for new offers. Confirm this by log in in to the portal and then verify you are allowing notifications for Tenders available, which we suggest allowing up to every 10 minutes.

If you are still getting no notifications, send us an email and we will find and solve the issue.

I get notified about new offers but for areas my company are not interested in

When you login online, you may see offers for areas you don't usually go to. That is normal, because we know all carriers will occasionally be out of their old routes and looking for loads to keep the trucks paid. To only look at the kind of offers you want, you can search and filter from the top bar and then save the filters for re-use.

But if you are getting email notifications for offers your company is never interested in, send us an email and we will find and solve the issue.

I get notified about offers that my company is interested in, but not me personally

If you want to get no notifications about new offers, log in in to the portal and then switch your settings for Tenders Available. For now, we cannot set different users at a carrier to be notified for offers to different regions, truck types, or other factors. But it will be possible by May 2020.

How do I add or remove other users for my team?

The new users can go to the portal and click the "sign-up" option, using their work email and setting a password of your choice. We will add it and confirm to them within two hours.

If you want to remove users, send us an email and we will take care of it.

How do I add another area of interest to be notified about?

Just send us an email with the areas you want to be notified about, and we will take care of it.

Once I accept a job, how do I cancel it if needed, propose a change to the price, or close it to get paid?

After accepting an offer, the job details will show what actions you should do next and others that are available. This is a screenshot of the job's progress tab, i.e. what you will see by default if you search for an accepted job and click on it to view the details. Note that on the left it shows the actions you can take divided into what is already done, what is due now, and what is optional but available. Click those items to be guided through the relevant action. For example, to cancel the job you would click on the "Cancel Job" item.

the default tab of an accepted job

How does this change the process of invoicing and being paid?

Jobs accepted in the portal are paid by H.Essers as usual. You close the job in the portal, including uploading a CMR. Then send your invoices to, preferably 1 trip per invoice to guarantee faster processing of the invoice.

How long do I have to wait for a bid to be accepted or declined?

On average, under 30 minutes.

Can I keep getting spot jobs by calling or emailing like I used to?

No, the goal is for H.Essers to switch all spot jobs to the portal. Even if you can sometimes get jobs over the phone or email, you have more offers online and eventually maybe only offers online.

What benefit do I get for using this portal to get spot jobs?

You get access to more offers than you had before, because online we can show you all offers rather than just the ones we remembered to email or call about.