Claims Schedule

*as of July 08, 2017*

Claims Against Carriers

Event Description Claimable Amount
Wrong Time The pickup or delivery occured outside the windows specified in the Cargo Order, unless agreed in advance. 20% of the match price.
Cancellation with Notice The Carrier cancels prior to the first pickup window beginning. 50% of the match price
Unable to Execute The equipment, driver, or other aspects from the Carrier do not meet the Cargo Order's explicit requirements. 50% of the match price
Cancellation without Notice The carrier cancels after the first pickup window begins, or simply does not respond to contact or show up for the pickup. 100% of the match price..

Claims Against Cargo Owners

Event Description Claimable Amount
Excess Waiting Time The carrier is forced to wait at least 30 minutes more at a pickup or delivery stop, compared to the waiting time provisioned on the Cargo Order. $50 per stop impacted
Excess Cargo The Cargo Order underdeclared the actual weights and measures, but the Carrier transported the excess anyway Proportional increase in match price relative to the larger of weight, pallet count, or volume