Buyer FAQs


We see the following questions frequently from spot buyers.

How is this different from a freight auction?

Rather than ask the carriers for quotes and then having someone manually pick a quote to win, the software will make offers to carriers that could be accepted instantly. Carriers can still make bids in response, but about 80% of the jobs will be accepted using the "instant accept" option. The prices offered to carriers can be different by carrier, and different for the same carrier over time, for example starting low and increasing until someone accepts.

Why is smart tendering better than a freight auction?

The "smart" part of making offers is setting prices dynamically, based on market conditions, user behavior, and competitive pressure. The result should be lower rates for the same job when compared to a traditional freight auction. Carriers appreciate having the control to end an auction and just get the job at a set price. Because of the instant acceptance option, you also find a carrier faster on average.

Where do I see spot jobs currently being offered?

Staff with permission can use the open-jobs dashboard to see all the information about jobs being tendered out right now, in real time.

How do I approve carrier bids?

Every spot job added to smart tendering can be assigned automatically by the software for up to 15% above the average laneway allocation price, plus 1500 RUB per additional stop. If no carrier has accepted the offered price, and the best bid is above the autoamtic accepting limit, then spot buyers will be emailed to ask their permission to approve the bid, which they can do from a link in the email.

How can the carrier add special notes to their bid?

Carriers cannot add special notes when making bids. If they cannot achieve the appointment times and other requirements of job, they should accept or bid on it.

What happens when a carrier wins a job?

The carrier can win a job two ways: by accepting the price we offer them, or by making a bid that is accepted as the best price. In both situations the carrier gets an email notifying them of the win and the spot buying team gets an email with the carrier details, such as name, SAP ID, and price. Afterwards the TMS is updated as usual. As soon as a job is won by a carrier, it stops being available to any other carrier.