Autonomous Procurement

Autonomous Procurement is a turn-key data science platform for road transport. Our software automates procurement using data and behavioural science to achieve lower freight rates.

We study how carriers make their pricing decisions, in order to nudge them towards lower rates. And we use data science for carrier profiling, price predictions, and spot pricing tactics. Finally we mix these two in a fully automated process of predicting, framing offers, and then concluding assignments to an entirely automated process.

We know your brand is important, so we white label the website, mobile apps, and notifications. No one outside your company needs to know that Autonomous Procurement is powering your business.

We listed below some highlights of our functionality, and you can also see a checklist about who makes a good Autonomous Procurement customer. And of course checkout the benefits of using Autonomous Procurement.

Carrier Profiling

Predicting price is important, but a specific carrier has to accept an offer before that price is real. Our software creates profiles of each of the broker's carriers to know when and where they are most relevant. This feeds into what work to offer them, and the tactics of negotiating price.

Price Prediction

For each load, the software predicts general market and carrier-specific pricing. Predictions learn from the broker's historical moves, past carrier behavior, and 3rd party market data.

Smart Tendering

For each load, the software automatically selects the most appropriate strategy for when to make offers, which carriers to engage, whether to leverage spot or contracted rates, and what the spot price should be.

Carrier Rep Playbook

Every major sports team has analytics to maximize their athelete's potential. Similarly, tactically multiplies the impact of your carrier reps by giving them pinpoint guidance on how to negotiate each load, from pre-call prep to in-call support.

Autonomous Procurement Analytics

As you imagine, such a system creates a tremendous volume of data on pricing, carrier behaviour, and market conditions. We offer a superb toolset for analysts or management to access and explore this data, along with executive KPIs and operations reporting.

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