Data Exploration & Analytics

Procurement and dispatch are data-intensive. The platform helps you understand your road procurement in keys areas like laneway cost-to-serve benchmarking, carrier scorecarding, spot vs. contracted rate variations, and perfect order execution.

TNX deploys Amazon's QuickSights for visual data exploration, leveraging its in-memory analytics engine. Behind that we run continuous extract-translate-load from the TNX production data. Analysis on the stream of realtime data is delayed by less than two minutes.

Our suite of BI tools includes scheduled reporting and real-time visual information exploration. The result is a very powerful, out-of-the-box data exploration and analysis tool that doesn't require data scientist credentials to use. Below are some example analytics customers do on the platform.

Vehicle & Regional Spend

Understand your spend exposure to macro-factors like vehicle types and regions. This can extend to site-specifics like waiting time, dock door count, and other operational details that help or hinder finding cost effectuve capacity.

Opportunities by Laneway

Evaluate cost-to-serve by laneway, including spot vs. contracted rate moves. An effective way to identify and address cost inflation faster. For example, by identifying where new capacity should be sourced.

Cost Floor Estimates

Procurement professionals are being driven more and more by "zero-base" approaches, where every budget must be justified without reliance on last year's budget or actual spend. The platform can help identify cost-floors per laneway, providing strong statistical evidence for a zero-based procurement strategy.

Carrier Rate Aggressiveness

Carriers specialise in specific laneways, and this comes through in their cost-to-serve. The platform identifies where carriers are most price aggressive, both in spot and contracted rate arrangements. This is good feedback to take into sourcing decisions, including when and where to add new capacity.


Almost every road procurement exercise needs to deal with seasonality. If you don't have seasonality in your transportation you can be sure to be competing on capacity with others who do. The platform identifies these seasonal variations, again in spot and contracted rates, and helps maximize using them to your advantage.

Regional Capacity

Where is capacity now, and how is its price evolving? The platform aggregates and presents this informationspecialize whether it comes from your data or 3rd party sources.

Measure Savings

At the core of the TNX platform is the promise to save money, especially when buying spot capacity. The analytics will make it crystal clear where, when, and how much this is happening.

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