Automating And Simplifying The Truckload Quotation Process

A Cutting Edge Solution for Fast & Accurate Quote Generation

Your team is overloaded with creating solid freight quotations that hit the mark.

Quote too low, and you take a loss. Too high, and shippers won't bite.

Unactionable indices, fluctuating markets, and auction portals wear sales representatives down.

More and more customers are requiring instant pricing within their TMS. This requires upfront capital expenditure, making it difficult for small to medium-sized freight brokerages to compete.

Autonomous Quotation from TNX by Transporeon provides a cutting-edge solution for fast and accurate quote generation that’s accessible and affordable for brokerages of all sizes. Autonomous Quotation is leveling the playing field.

Autonomous Quotation Delivers Results

win more leads

Win More Loads

Increase in Bid Win Rate

TNX by Transporeon’s machine learning helps ensure offers are priced accurately and enticing, increasing logistics service providers' average win rate

Speed Is King

<2-second Quote Generation

  • Automation provides instant quote generation, multiple times faster than manual quoting—even for the fastest account manager.
  • Shippers often award bids to the first carrier that submits, so be the first in line.
  • Integrate our API directly into your TMS, letting data science and our automated rules engine do the rest.
fast quotes
better margins

Grow Margins

8% Price Prediction Accuracy

  • Accurate quotes ensure top logistics service providers win more business while optimizing the bottom line.
  • Predict rates based on your unique data, real-time market trends, carrier behavior, and more.
  • Our customers experience an average accuracy rate of 8%, improving and protecting margin.

Gain Productivity

70% More Efficiency Reps + Hours Saved

  • Account managers typically spend 20 minutes - 2+ hours researching and negotiating tenders.
  • With TNX by Transporeon, an automated quotation takes less than two seconds to generate and can be instantly shared externally.
more productivity

Advantages of Autonomous Quotation

Instant Price Prediction

  • Offering quotes before the competition gives you the edge—especially if your rates are fair.
  • Autonomous Quotation price prediction allows LSPs to predict pricing with precision accuracy. As a result, we are 25% more accurate when comparing broad market indexes.
  • Synchronous integration to customers’ Dynamic Pricing programs within their TMS.

Automated Quotation Generation Based on Business Rules

  • Leverage shipment characteristics, unique customer requirements, and our sophisticated business rules engine to produce real-time quotes.
  • Rules can consider dozens of characteristics, including buy-sell side margins, equipment type, distance, pickup/delivery windows, stop location, and dozens of others.

Customized Margins

Autonomous Quotation is NOT a one-size-fits-all calculator. Instead, an intelligent interface and user-friendly tool make it easy to set your margins and self-configure the rules for each quote.

Tender Strategies

Transporeon provides a data lake and data visual exploration toolkit that sits over the quotation data.

By sending Transporeon the outcome data (win-loss and actual buy rate), the Transporeon data lake and analytics will contain all the necessary points for managing the quoting process performance. 

Strategy by People, Tactics by Software

The future is for people to orchestrate rather than micromanage spot buying.

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