People aren't calculators

Tracking and exploiting spot market dynamics is beyond human scale.

Structural change is underway in spot trucking.
We are at the heart of this trend and know how to harness it for your benefit.

For most brokers, spot buying still looks like 2000s: A call center where grit mattered more than algorithms.

These staff tend to have "data lookup" tools like DAT RateView, Carrier 411, or Freightwaves.

Reality check:
Carrier sales reps make poor calculators: giving them data leaves the key task of analysis in the wrong hands.

We aren't saying carrier sales reps need better tools...

We are saying software should replace carrier sales reps in the spot pricing & buying process. Software simply outperforms in:

  • Recalling buying history
  • Evaluating market conditions
  • Devise & execute a buying plan without bias

Early Adopter Curve

Every major broker agrees that data science will create an edge in pricing, and backing that belief with major resources.
"Better pricing" means "better than other brokers": you want to be early.
This truly is a technology where there is an early adopter advantage.

Our vision for brokerage is for people to orchestrate rather than micromanage spot buying.

Seeing is believing.

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