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The TNX by Transporeon API-Enabled Premier Carrier Program

TNX by Transporeon offers a Premier Carrier Program for carriers and shippers to empower them with the tools they need to transact where both parties mutually win.

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Current Carriers in the Premier Carrier Program

What is the Premier Carrier Program?

Carriers in the Premier Carrier Program integrate via API to the TNX by Transporeon Autonomous Procurement platform to instantly accept offers and/or submit bids.

What are the Benefits?

For Carriers

  • Access to TNX by Transporeon’s network of fortune 500 shippers and top-tier Logistics Service Provider customers
  • Ability to accept offers and counter-bid in real-time via API
  • Streamlined pricing operations
  • Priority 1 technical support
  • Dedicated integration consultant
  • Marketing collateral and campaign support
  • Referral program

For Shippers

  • Pre-Certified and Tested Integrations with multiple carriers, broadening your carrier network and spot market options.
  • Reliable truckload capacity backed by real-time, consistent, and data-driven rates with sustainable price savings on spot truckload freight overtime via the Autonomous Procurement platform.

About TNX By Transporeon

TNX by Transporeon helps logistics service providers achieve more without overloading their sales and pricing teams. Our platform identifies and exploits market patterns and automates the complete quotation and procurement process while ensuring speed and pricing accuracy.

Strategy by People, Tactics by Software

The future is for people to orchestrate rather than micromanage spot buying.

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