Sustainably lower transport spend and dynamic adaptation to market conditions

In the arms race of pricing, the potential for AI is incontrovertible.
Join the leading procurement organisations already acting on this opportunity.

No procurement or logistics department likes spot buying. But spot happens: it averages 15% of actual trucking budget.

20 years ago TMS providers began adding e-auction modules. These collect bids from your carriers, formalising process but adding no intelligence.

And where UberFreight and Convoy exist, there has been a push towards collecting spot bids via APIs from digital-capable brokers.

API bid collection is a dead-end.
There is little benefit from getting API bids from another few brokers. It doesn't bring you closer to the asset operator, and the faster bid collection leaves pricing strategy out of your control.

Our approach is characterized by offering instantly acceptable offers to the carriers, but with a high degree of pricing differentiation and intelligence.

  • Offer prices rather than request bids
  • Differentiated pricing across carriers at the same time, and differentiating offers to the same carrier over time
  • Also applicable to small and asset-centric carriers, not just those who built API bidding tools

Early Adopter Curve

Leading procurement teams get it. Every serious procurement team agrees that data science will create an edge in pricing.
"Better pricing" means "better than other buyers": you want to be early.
This truly is a technology where there is an early adopter advantage.

Our vision is for people to orchestrate rather than micromanage spot buying

Software can do more than collect bids.

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